Here is some feedback from students of mine:


Gabriel, 34, May 2023:

Learning how to ride a bicycle is something I had wanted to do for many years. I bought an adult bike with training wheels, and my friend tried to teach me. Both methods did not work. I also worried that I may have a poor sense of balance. Then I found Maja. She is patient, encouraging, attentive, and knowledgeable. Through a series of small exercises, I was able to gradually develop a sense of balance - first on a kickbike, then a small bike, and finally an adult-sized bicycle. All the exercises were enjoyable, and the learning process was very smooth. Learning to ride a bicycle has been very rewarding. If you're in Berlin, I can't recommend a better person than Maja to help you make the transition from pedestrian to cyclist. :)


Tia, September 2022

I had a hard time with my schedule at the start, but Maja was patient and worked well with me. She's clear with her explanations and lets you know when you're doing well, which I appreciated. I'm happy with the lessons I had with Maja and will highly recommend her!


Chris, 36, October 2021:

If only I knew about Maja and how easy and fun she would make it to learn how to bicycle. I'm 36 and was wondering if I'd ever learn. I had tried with my partner though to no avail. Maja has a systematic approach that slowly progresses you through to learning how to ride and do so safely. I was shocked how quickly I picked it up under her watchful eye. She's also got great advise and attention to detail about what are the key things to keep improving. Maja made the process simple and fun, it was not the big daunting process that I thought it would be. In 3 lessons I learned how to cycle, and now I do it every day. Magic.


Amina, 33, June 2021:

Thank you Maja for your great patience and instruction. It was great getting to know you and learning with you.


Angel, 38, April 2021:

I have been living in Berlin for close to 2.5 years and always wanted to be able to ride a bike.
I never learnt to ride a bike as a child and this year I decided to take up the challenge and push
myself to learn.

I came across Maja's website while researching bike riding classes for adults. Maja is an amazing instructor who is patient and very kind. She took the time to explain every little step and detail of riding a bike and within a few lessons I have successfully been able to learn how to ride a bike. Maja has a very unique style of taking these lessons which are one to one and she maintains all social distance norms. I am really grateful to have met Maja and gone through the journey of learning how to ride a bike. Maja is one of the most patient and nurturing instructors I have met. If you want to learn how to ride a bike in Berlin, Maja is the best person to go to.
Thank you for starting me on my journey.


Adisa, 28, April 2021:

I have absolutely enjoyed learning cycling with Maja! Before the lessons began, I was concern if I would be able to get over my fear of falling, because that happened the last time I was on a bike. Thanks to Maja's thorough teaching approach that wasn't a case.

Exercises on kick-bike helped me to loosen up and gained a bit of confidence before I could take on riding a proper bicycle. I loved that Maja not only explains the physics behind cycling, but also takes you through all the important aspects of safety which I find extremely important if you want to ride on the busy streets of Berlin.

If you have no prior knowledge of riding a bike or just willing to become more confident at cycling, Maja's lessons are 100% worth it.


Celia, 39, September 2020:

The last time I rode a bike, I was 11 years old. Of course, I was very afraid to start riding again and decided to look for help. I found Maja over the internet and it caught my attention because of her method: she believes in patience and in learning step by step. And so it was, all along the course, Maja was patient, very professional and focused on helping you to create the confidence you need when learning a new skill. I am very grateful for Maja's help. And I can now ride a bike! She is 100% recommendable.


Reena, 36, Juli 2020 – towards the end of the course:
I just wanted to let you know that thanks to you I went on two rounds around tempelhofer feld today. Thank you! I fell down while trying to “signal” but otherwise it was quite nice!! All thanks to your amazing teaching and patience. And thank you so much, Maja, for making my cycling dreams come true!


Alexandra, 32, June 2020, after two lessons of Level II and III:
I am absolutely and 100% convinced that Maja is the best bike teacher ever! Thanks to her me and a friend of mine got over our fear of cycling. She taught us from the beginning techniques which made everything on the bike much easier and understandable. We did together exercises, which we later on practiced by ourselves and the improvement was really there.
Maja took us to the streets and explained to us very detailed all different obstacles on the streets, signs, regulations etc. She made us feel very safe and confident.
Thank you very much for your great help, Maja!


Iona, 27, April 2020:
I have bought a bicycle and I have been riding a bit. I feel confident about doing it. I think that practise is in the moment what I need.
I want to thank you for your patience, you definitely changed my life. I will recommend your services to anyone that wants to learn how to ride a bicycle fast and save. I am really happy that I contacted you, I couldn’t have find someone better to teach me and I will be always grateful for everything.


Amina, 35, December 2019:
I came to Maja as a complete beginner in riding a bicycle as I have not learned as a child. I was very anxious to fall and injure myself. To my surprise, this did not happen at all, which shows what a great teacher Maja is. Moreover, the lessons were fun as Maja is a very patient and encouraging teacher. I managed to balance myself on a kick bike from the first lesson and was riding a bike by the third lesson. All in all, it took me only five 90 minutes lessons with Maja to be able to ride a bicycle with confidence. It was a very rewarding experience and I could not recommend Maja more."


Chris, 33, July 2019:

Maja was exactly the type of instructor I needed to learn how to ride a bicycle. Since I haven't touched a bicycle since I was a child and never successfully rode without training wheels, I was very nervous about riding. My first lesson with Maja was with a kick-bike, she helped me practice various exercises on the kick-bike so I could learn how to balance. She was kind and patient and showed me how to perform each action so that I could copy it right.

Once I felt comfortable balancing more, Maja started teaching me how to ride an actual bicycle. Again, she was very knowledgeable in showing me the right steps to get more comfortable with the bicycle. By my third lesson with Maja, I was able to ride the bicycle around the parking lot with ease.

I would recommend Maja to beginners of all kinds, because she can help you get over your fear of riding, or help you become a safer cyclist. She is a very nice woman who cares about cycling and her students. She even provided me tips on bicycle ergonomics and advice on where to purchase a bicycle for me.

Thank you so much Maja!